About Me

I’m Marwan Nakhaleh. Right now, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I work as a software development test engineer at Sallie Mae. At work, I write code that tests code that users actually use, I’ve been helping implement CI/CD on our project, and whenever I can, I help guide the other SDETs.

I love educating myself and others, and I love helping people learn. Part of what makes me unique is that I have come to recognize that even if there’s only a little bit I know, I can share that knowledge to help uplift others. In addition, I am always willing to do whatever it takes to help someone learn however I can, even if it means staying later at work or going out of my way. If you’ve gained value from knowledge I’ve shared, I’m happy.

I tend to gravitate towards tools and technologies that make it easier to accomplish my goals. Not including this site, my extracurricular projects include learning React Native and writing a book about principles and actions college students can utilize to become successful software engineers. With React Native, I can utilize my existing Javascript skills to build mobile apps that compile natively to Android and iOS. And with my book, I can manifest my complete thoughts on college success in one easily accessible place without repeating the same ideas to different individuals while also risking missing something important.

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