My Journey Into Leadership, Part 2

I wrote a part 1 to this piece that I published on December 17th, 2017.

I’ll be continuing this thought stream as other ideas come to mind, but there’s one particular point I want to make.

You can be the blind leading the blind if you are less blind than your followers

I don’t have all the answers. I will never have all the answers. But that’s okay because I have some answers that some other people don’t. As a twenty four old junior to mid level software developer, I’m but a grasshopper compared to most people in the industry. However, compared to a nineteen or twenty year old college sophomore with no relevant work experience and little clue where to even begin, I’m a wise, successful, experienced, knowledgeable adult. I take advantage of this position because their plight is still relatively fresh in my mind, and I can think about their problems in a similar frame of mind (i.e.: How should I structure my resume? What should I be looking for in the first place? How important is what I do at my first internship?).

Similarly, I’m only a couple of months further along in my employment at my company than the waves of other junior SDETs we’ve brought on board, but unlike almost all of them, I’ve had several (seven) directly relevant work experiences in the industry before my current job, and tying back to an idea I touched on in part 1, I have been there longer than them. This enables me to be a guiding force and a beacon of knowledge and hope.

Part 3 here.

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