2018 So Far, Part 1

What have I done about the following new year’s resolutions?

Meditate every day.

I have meditated for five days so far in 2018, for an average of ten minutes each time. I’m no good at clearing my mind though, but I’m trying to dedicate myself to becoming better at that.

Stop consuming so much social media.

I’ve blocked Facebook (not Messenger) on my phone, but I’ve been spending more time on Youtube to compensate for this lack of mindless media consumption, so I need to fix that.

Become more energetic and adventurous in my personal life.

Energetic? I’ve been exercising more, particularly with cardio. Adventurous? I’ve only done really passive things so far. I’ve collected a list of meetup groups on Meetup.com and signed up for a non-anonymous chat app. However, I do plan to go to Chicago with my brother and his girlfriend this weekend, so hopefully that will be cool.

Put myself in more situations where I meet new people.

Again, I have yet to make real action on this. I have begun eating lunch in the break room where people actually eat instead of taking lunch to my cube and just eating in there.

Provide value to others through my writing, knowledge, and wisdom.

I shared the Google Doc for my book with my coworker’s son who’s a college freshman and is studying informatics at his university. Hopefully he will be able to derive some value from that.

Establish a serious, sustainable additional source of income.

I’ve finally finished this React Native course I’ve been doing on Udemy, so I now have some ability to create CRUD mobile apps. I just need to find an application of this skill. In addition, I met with two of my senseis at work today to learn from them about how I can be a better software developer and a better educator.

Go on a two week trip along the west coast.

Tentatively, I’ve decided that I’m going to go from Saturday, October 6th to Sunday, October 21st. I want to accrue more paid time off at work, and renting a car to drive up and down the west coast will cost a lot less after I turn 25. Plane tickets are $325 round trip last I checked, but I’ll check it again tomorrow.

If you’ve read this far, you can see that I haven’t done all that much yet. It’s okay though. I just have to keep moving in the right direction.

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