2018 So Far, Part 2

On January 8th, I wrote a blog post sharing my progress with my new year’s resolutions. I have copied and pasted from that article to this one so I can focus solely on updates.

So now… what have I done about the following new year’s resolutions?

Meditate every day.

I have meditated for nine days so far in 2018, for an average of ten minutes each time. I’m no good at clearing my mind though, but I’m trying to dedicate myself to becoming better at that.

Stop consuming so much social media.

I’ve since unblocked Facebook on my phone, but I spend less then ten minutes a day scrolling through Facebook on my phone, so that’s good. I spend on average ten minutes each day scrolling through Facebook on my laptop. I still watch a lot of Youtube though. I should keep my phone away from my bed and use a cheap MP3 player for white noise.

Become more energetic and adventurous in my personal life.

I went to Chicago this weekend with my brother and his girlfriend, and it was a total blast. My brother’s girlfriend is Mexican, and we spent most of the time eating Mexican food and hanging out with her friends and family. I’ve never had much exposure at all to Latino culture in the past, so this weekend was an amazing eye-opener. It was also nice to see how much Spanish I still remember, sort of.

Put myself in more situations where I meet new people.

I touched on this on the last point, but I did meet some really neat people this weekend.

Provide value to others through my writing, knowledge, and wisdom.

I can’t say I’ve done all that much about this the past week, but I did learn about a really neat opportunity that I want to look into to get more exposure and experience as a mentor.

Establish a serious, sustainable additional source of income.

I’ve decided that I want to build an app with React Native that I will use to help educate and engage users. I have no idea what features exactly it will have, but thanks to my React Native experience, I do have a sense of how I want to architect it.

Go on a two week trip along the west coast.

Plane tickets from Indianapolis to Seattle have actually dropped to $294 round trip, and both flights are nonstop for the days I want them. This is probably the best deal I’m gonna get, and I don’t have a frequent flyer’s credit card, so once I get the time off approved I’m going to buy the tickets.

Slowly but surely, I am moving towards my goals.

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