2018 So Far, Part 3 (sort of)

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, I wrote about my progress on my New Year’s Resolutions. Part of why I hadn’t updated last Monday is because I hadn’t done all that much, but I was also sick for the first half of last week. All my bad habits come back to the surface when I’m sick, such as subsisting on microwaveable food and and spending my whole evening on YouTube.

So now… what have I done about the following new year’s resolutions?

Meditate every day.

I have not been keeping up with this as much as I’d have liked. I meditated maybe three times in the past two weeks, but I wanna try and keep going at it.

Stop consuming so much social media.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about keeping my phone away from my bed and using a cheap MP3 player for white noise. I definitely did not do that. On an unrelated note, I find that every time I say I should do something, I often don’t do it, even though it’s almost always good for me.

Become more energetic and adventurous in my personal life.

Again, not much has been done about this. I did sack up and finally buy a new (newish) car though, so I guess I’m taking bigger steps with my actions in my personal life? I also have actually been working out more and harder than usual the past couple of weeks, barring getting sick.

Put myself in more situations where I meet new people.


Provide value to others through my writing, knowledge, and wisdom.


Establish a serious, sustainable additional source of income.

No action has really been taken on this the past couple of weeks, but with the added expense of this new car, I better get on this!

Go on a two week trip along the west coast.

I actually did purchase the plane ticket and get the PTO approved from work, so I will be flying into Seattle on Saturday, October 6th and coming back Sunday, October 21st. It’s nice that I managed to score a direct flight

Regarding my personal goals, this past couple of weeks has been a wash. But having spent much of last week resting and recovering, I feel ready to roll again this week. Let’s give it a shot.

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