Habit #1: Work on personal projects for 20 minutes each day on weekdays

I’ll elaborate on this idea in another blog post soon, but I’m realizing that the best way to take big actions on your dreams without throwing your life into chaos is to build habits to take action. Habits are hard, but I recognize that if I start small, that will make it easier for me to stick to them.

The first habit I want to try is to work on a personal project for 20 minutes each day on weekdays. I’m extremely inconsistent with when I work on projects, and as a result, I’m barely able to finish anything. The reason I say weekdays for right now is because the time I have available in my day most consistently is right when I’m leaving work. I can hang out in the lobby of the building I work in, use my phone’s hotspot, and just work for a short amount of time. Even if I’m going to an event or a hangout right after work, I usually have the luxury of leaving slightly early so I can take this short amount of time anyway.

Of course, whenever else I can work on my projects (and also when I feel like it), I’ll work on them in addition to this 20 minute daily time slot. But once I have this 20 minutes a day on lock, I can build up to either more time, varied time, split time, or other styles of spending more time on projects.

Let’s give it a shot!

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