Habit #1 Progress

This is gonna be short, but I wanted to share with the world that I did  study for just twenty minutes every day after work this week, except Friday, where my team spent lunch through the rest of the day at a local restaurant and I needed to give a coworker a ride home.  On Monday and Tuesday, I studied in the lobby of the building. On Wednesday and Thursday, I left the office a little earlier those days, so I decided to study in my car in case I gave off vibes as if I’m a slacker or anything like that.

Now, I’m actually typing this from the car dealership I bought my car from three weeks ago since I need to physically show up to cancel my bumper-to-bumper warranty I got just so I had the opportunity to get it. They’re very busy today, so I’ll have plenty of time to just sit and do this (which I count as part of my extracurricular projects) and then work on other things too.

Next week, I’ll be less busy than I was this week (I think), so I plan to up the time to thirty minutes a day every day, again right after work. I’ll report back on that next week.

Start your habits as small and as easy as possible! Then build up from there!

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