2018 So Far, Part 4 (even more sort of)

These are still a thing, I think.

Meditate every day.

While I hadn’t been meditating much at all the past few weeks, I did meditate for three days this week. I should try to get into the habit of this.

Stop consuming so much social media.

I’m too busy these days to use social media as much!

Become more energetic and adventurous in my personal life.

I’ve been maintaining my step goal, I’ve been going to more events, and last Monday, I sacked up and talked to these two pretty girls at a local bar. Nothing came of it, but I’m honestly just glad I tried. In addition, I’ll have a lot of free range to work from home this next couple of weeks, so I plan to spend a lot of time just working from local cafes and coworking spaces. Maybe I’ll see neat things and meet new people.

Put myself in more situations where I meet new people.

I’ve been doing this too. I attented a cryptocurrency meetup, a young professionals happy hour (for all kinds of professionals, not just tech nerds lol)

Provide value to others through my writing, knowledge, and wisdom.

I’ve been volunteering at two local Coder Dojos, but on top of that, last Saturday, I attended a panel where myself and several other recent college grads from the Fellowship I’m in talked to high school kids about post-high school life in a technical career path. Not only did I share my wisdom (and my book that I’m still sitting on) with the kids, but I learned a lot of neat things about the different paths my fellow Fellows have taken to get to where they are. I guess from that, hopefully the high schoolers learned that there is no one single path to success.

Establish a serious, sustainable additional source of income.

I’ve been studying slightly more, but nothing tangible has formed yet.

I will no longer be posting updates about my “progress” on taking that two week trip to the West Coast since I’ve done all I can for that right now.

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