I’m done reading (for now)

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reading, a lot of theorizing, a lot of imagining my results, without really diving in. But no. No more of that crap. I gotta get going. I gotta release something. I gotta go for it. Here are some tasks I know I wanna accomplish now.

  • Register an LLC
    • I’m gonna wanna get a PO Box as a street address for this, but I recently moved, so I’m gonna need to get some official non-ID documentation of a new address
  • Create a web app for my mentees
    • I’m not sure how to make a subdomain on WordPress and point it to a web application, but I guess I’m about to learn
  • Network with employers more
    • I’m not looking for a new job myself, but I want to be in the know when people are hiring so that I can help others get jobs,
  • Finish with my job pulse application
    • It works properly, but right now I’m only scraping LinkedIn for jobs
    • I even have it running on the TICK stack publishing results to my home file server, just I need to make a cron job for it

Let’s roll.

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