The Power of Ultra Instinct

If you’ve watched Dragon Ball Super, or at least have a little familiarity with what I’m talking about, you know what Ultra Instinct is. If you don’t know and you are curious, learn about it here.

I took personal days from work Friday and today. Not for any particular reason, but just to decompress. And boy, did I decompress. I slept maybe nine hours a day, not counting several hours each day in addition to that I just laid in bed watching anime and other assorted YouTube crap. But I decompressed a little too much. Yesterday and today, I set out to do more than I did on Friday and Saturday. I had my medicinal coffee, I got dressed, and I ended up getting even less done than the previous two days.

If you need to do something now, this is going to sound really vague and stupid, but you have to clear your mind and just do something without thinking. This is where Ultra Instinct comes in, because two of the main ideas of that transformation are that any kind of person can do it, and that the object is to clear your mind and allow your body to move on its own. Clearing your mind is admittedly the hard part, but once you’re not thinking about doing something, it becomes easier to move you body without thought towards that action.

I’m not a self-improvement guru.

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